Xtroliner - Thermal PIR

The advanced PIR formula of Xtroliner PIR achieves high R-Value performance in a thin, slimline, rigid board profile and is approved for use in specific commercial building applications such as concrete soffits and concrete wall systems.

XtroLiner Std
XtroLiner Duo

How can I cut Xtratherm?

Xtratherm boards can be readily cut using a sharp knife or a fine toothed saw. Ensure tight fitting of the insulation boards to achieve continuity of insulation.

Do the joints between Xtratherm boards need to be taped?

It’s good practice to seal Xtratherm board joints with an approved aluminium foil tape. Sealing joints controls moisture and smoke penetration, improves the airtightness of the building envelope and assists in providing a consistent finish in exposed applications. When the boards abut with other construction elements it is good practice to seal these joints with a low modulus silicon sealant.

How can I ensure good adhesion is achieved when taping Xtratherm joints?

Surface preparation is always required when taping. All surfaces must be clean, sound and free of dust and contaminates. If taping surface needs to be cleaned we recommend cleaning the surface with a white spirit. Please note: The following note outlines the procedure for taping Xtratherm Xtroliner product during installation. One side of the boards provides superior adhesion to the tape and it is important that this side is the one to which the tape is applied. Clear instructions related to the correct orientation are printed on two locations on the board.

How durable is Xtratherm?

Xtratherm products are dimensionally stable, rot proof and will remain effective for the life span of the building, dependent on specification and installation. Care should be taken to avoid contact with acids, petrol, alkalis and mineral oil, when contact is made, clean materials in a safe manner before installation. Solvent based adhesives containing methyl ethyl keytone, should not be used.

How is Xtratherm packaged?

Xtratherm is wrapped in polythene packs and each pack is labelled with details of the Xtratherm product, size, number of pieces per pack and the material R-value.

How should I store Xtratherm?

Xtratherm should be stored off the ground on a clean flat surface. Xtratherm must be stored undercover. The polythene wrapping is not considered adequate protection for outside exposure.
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