Commercial & Industrial insulation

CSR Bradford manufactures and markets a range of insulation products used in the design and construction of commercial buildings and industrial processes.

  HVAC Glasswool and rockwool boards and blankets for the internal and external insulation of HVAC ducting. Wide range of densities, thicknesses, widths and lengths, plain and faced with a range of facings to meet specific project requirements.
Roofing Commercial roofing solutions for enhancing energy efficiency, condensation requirements, noise control, fire protection, building aesthetics and indoor air quality. Key brands: Anticon.  
Walls Product range for commercial wall applications for thermal and acoustic insulation, condensation control and fire protection. Key brands: Acoustigard, Enviroseal, Fireseal, Thermoseal Facing Foil, Xtratherm.  
Ceilings Range of products for commercial ceiling applications, designed for enhancing energy efficiency, noise control and fire protection. Key brands: Acoustigard, Fireseal, Xtratherm.  
Fireseal Passive fire protection range of Rockwool insulation products designed to meet the New Zealand Building Code fire requirements.  

These include thermal insulation to make buildings more energy efficient and comply with the New Zealand Building Code, acoustic insulation to improve the comfort within buildings, and passive fire protection products.

Common products include Anticon roofing blanket installed under the metal roofing of warehouses, shopping centres, airport terminals, hospitals and many other commercial and social buildings, insulation to insulate rigid ductwork of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, Acoustigard acoustic partition insulation, rockwool industrial insulation for process vessels, boilers, pipework and many other OEM applications.

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