Bradford Fireseal™ range offers Rockwool fire protection insulation products specifically designed to meet the New Zealand Building Code fire requirements.


Bradford Fireseal™ Party Wall Sealers are made from biosoluble Rockwool, which is specifically designed to meet the fire protection requirements for inter-tenancy walls in multi residential applications.

Party walls are designed to reduce fire hazards by separating one dwelling from another to provide the building occupants with the maximum time to escape safely by maintaining sufficient structural adequacy, integrity and insulation. There are principally 3 key areas for reducing fire hazards:

  • Controlling fire within a compartment
  • Controlling the spread of fire between compartments through openings in external walls
  • Providing early warning to building occupants

The incorporation of the correct insulation products in the design of passive fire protection systems can save lives and also complement the installation of active fire protection equipment (i.e. sprinkler systems and fire alarms).

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