Insulation is necessary for a healthy home

Glasswool insulation products are not hazardous. They are safe to install and use in your home or in other insulation applications for the life of the building.

In 2002, the World Health Organisation completed more than 30 years of research which included over 60,000 insulation workers. The study concluded that there are no long-term serious health risks resulting from an exposure to insulation fibres.

To further ensure the safest product possible, in 2001 Bradford made the decision to change the formulation of our glasswool and rockwool insulation to ‘bio-soluble fibres’. These fibres are less bio-persistant meaning that if you do happen to inhale some fibres, they leave the body more quickly and are not considered to pose any risk to your health.

Bradford still recommends you to wear protective clothing if you decide to install these products yourself so you can avoid any skin and respiratory irritation.

Bradford glasswool has also been tested for Volatile Organic Content (including formaldehydes). In both cases for glasswool ceiling segments the results are negligible or immeasurable.

You can identify bio-soluble fibres by the FBS-1 logo on our packs. For more information please go to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ website.

Sensitive Choice ProgramBradford Gold insulation and Bradford Acoustic Gold are also Partners with Sensitive Choice® program, improving the quality of life for those with asthma and allergies.

Bradford products are performance guaranteed

Bradford comprehensively tests its glasswool segments for thermal performance. If you would like to review our test certificates and product warranties you can contact Bradford directly.

Bradford’s Gold and Optimo insulation ranges are also covered by our 70 year performance warranty.

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