Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is just as important for your home as fuel economy is for your car. If your home is not energy efficient you are effectively wasting energy.

With electricity and gas prices rising at significantly higher rates than inflation, this can be costing New Zealand households big dollars. If your utility bills exceed $1,000 per quarter you really should ask what you are getting for this and whether there's a better way to spend your hard earned money.

Methods for changing your energy use can be much more proactive than turning off the lights when not in use or avoiding the clothes dryer. If you're building a new home or renovating, energy efficient home design allows for a smarter approach to saving power.

Heating is expensive and typically accounts for around 30% of a household's annual energy consumption.

Saving energy is also sustainable. It makes the best use of our non-renewable resources and reduces pollution. This helps protect our fragile environment for future generations to enjoy.

Energy Efficiency

Combine systems to maximise energy savings

With Bradford you can combine home insulation and Edmonds Ventilation to reduce your dependence on utility companies and keep your home at a more comfortable temperature all year round.

Combining Bradford insulation and Edmonds ventilation is a sensible decision as the two systems complement each other to provide a natural and temperate home year round.

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