Acoustic Gold

CSR Bradford’s Acoustic Gold is a trusted and popular acoustic insulation that reduces noise transfer around the home, with added temperature control.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce noise transfer between rooms and through external walls
  • Helps isolate rooms for a quieter home
  • Provides thermal insulation, reducing your energy use
  • Limit noise transfer in 2 storey homes between first and second floor
  • Low allergen – Asthma & Respiratory Foundation New Zealand Sensitive Choice Partner
  • Backed by a 70 year product warranty

The best time to install Acoustic Gold is at the time of construction or during a renovation.


Doctors and psychologists agree that noise has the ability to raise stress, disrupt your sleep and generally reduce your quality of life.

CSR Bradford’s Acoustic Gold is a product that provides superior acoustic insulation benefits with added thermal benefits to make your home more comfortable.

The minimisation of noise has become a significant environmental issue in an increasingly noisy world. At home, work or on holidays, we all value our peace and quiet. Acoustic Gold dramatically reduces unwanted noise transfer through walls and between floors, allowing you to create the peace and quiet we all want to enjoy.

Keep noise in its place within your home

Sometimes the worst noise comes from within. Home theatres, excited teenagers and even ensuites can produce noise you would rather not hear in other areas of your home.

Including Acoustic Gold in interior walls can greatly reduce the transmission of noise between rooms, allowing you to get the peace and quiet you deserve without cramping the rest of the family’s style.

Stop noise entering your home

When you come home and close the door you want your home to be a place you and your family can relax without being disturbed by the noise of the world outside. Sound insulation, achieved by including Acoustic Gold in your external walls, will reduce traffic noise and potential disturbance from the neighbours.

Treating external walls is a great start, but to maximise the benefits of acoustic insulation in walls, you also need to consider other elements within the wall, such as windows, doors, gaps, pipes and other penetrations.

Standards recommend a level of less than 40 decibels of external sound entering living rooms, and less than 35 decibels entering bedrooms. These levels will allow you to comfortably carry on a conversation, listen to TV at a low volume, and sleep soundly.

Control noise in two storey homes

One area often forgotten for sound insulation is between the floors of your home. Airborne noise can travel from the rumpus room to the nursery above or from the kids’ bedrooms to the study below. Structural noise of people thumping around on the upstairs floors can be a real annoyance – who hasn’t wondered if there’s an elephant upstairs?

Acoustic Gold included above the internal ground floor ceiling can effectively absorb the airborne elements of the noise while the inclusion of isolating resilient mounts in the ceiling system will greatly reduce the transmission of impact noise.

Breathe Easy

Sensitive Choice ProgramBradford is the only approved insulation partner of the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation New Zealand Sensitive Choice program. Acoustic Gold is suitable for use in the homes of people with asthma and allergies.

The Bradford 70 year guarantee

CSR Bradford guarantees that all our products – including Acoustic Gold, Bradford Gold Insulation and High Performance Gold Insulation - are low allergen, will not pack down, shrink, mould, rot or deteriorate. When installed in accordance with our directions, the products are guaranteed to last for at least 70 years.

Is Acoustic Gold right for me?