Gold Wall Insulation

Bradford Gold™ insulation for walls can reduce energy used for heating and cooling by up to 20% leading to a decrease in your energy consumption and in your energy bills.

Choosing the right insulation is important. You need confidence that the product installed delivers on the performance that is promised. Whether building a new home or undertaking alterations or additions to existing homes, insulating walls with Bradford Gold will provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Play it smart with Bradford Gold

  • Keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Meets the highest New Zealand standards
  • Low allergen
  • 70 year performance warranty
  • Environmentally sound, made from up to 80% recycled glass
  • 100% bio-soluble
About Gold Wall Insulation
Reasons to Upgrade to Gold Hi-Performance Wall Segments
Be safe with Bradford Gold
Installation guide and tips


There’s a full range of Bradford Gold insulation to suit walls of any home in New Zealand.

Product R-Value Dimensions
Area per pack (m2 )
BRANZ Approved Product Code
Bradford Gold Wall Segments
R1.8 1160 x 580 90 14.8 84836
R2.2 1160 x 580 90 10.8 84838
R2.4 1160 x 580 90 6.7 104734
R2.6 1160 x 580 90 5.4 86961
R2.8 1160 x 580 90 3.4 118544
R3.5 1160 x 580 140 6.7 126862
Bradford Gold High Performance Wall Segments
R4.0 (HP) 1160 x 580 140 3.4   125449

The type of insulation you'll need depends on the type of house you have, the climate of where you live as well as your budget. You can call Bradford at any time on 0800 277 123 to get more information on what would best suit your needs.