Optimo Underfloor Insulation

CSR Bradford's Optimo™ is the highest rated underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.

Most New Zealand homes have ceiling insulation and new homes now also include wall insulation which is installed at the time of construction. However, for homes with suspended floors, it is one element of the envelope that may not be insulated and this can contribute to as much as 20% of heat loss in winter. Bradford's Optimo Underfloor insulation is the solution, allowing you to address this neglected area and maximise your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

A polished timber floor looks warm and inviting – but looks can be deceiving. Without insulation, your flooring material is the only thing between you and the elements. Heat can be lost and draughts can enter through the floorboards making your home cold and uncomfortable. Bradford Optimo provides a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring.

Best acoustic performance

Acoustically superior

Sound can enter your home anywhere that air can, so external noise can also be transferred through a suspended timber floor. Bradford Optimo is an excellent sound absorber. Not only will it help reduce noise entering your home from outside, it will also dampen the sound of foot traffic and give timber floors a more solid feel.

What is RW?

The Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) rates an acoustic insulation effectiveness. Increasing the Rw number by one translates to a reduction of approximately 1dB in noise level. The higher the Rw number the better a sound insulator the product will be.

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