Domestic Downlight Standards

Bradford Gold complies with the new Domestic Downlight Standards (AS/NZS 60598.2.2 Luminaires - Part 2.2: Particular requirements - Recessed luminaires)

Offer your clients downlights and insulation without the compromise

For the first time in the history of insulation, you can now recommend downlights with abutting insulation to your clients. Long gone is the requirement for huge clearance spaces around the light fitting which in the past led to massive heat loss. Now you can offer attractive lighting without compromising on heat loss.

How does it work?

Bradford Gold is made from glasswool ceiling insulation which allows full compliance with the new downlight standard, the recent amendment to AS/NZS 3000 and NZ electrical regulations. The fibres of Bradford Gold are bonded into shape with a thermosetting resin. The insulation maintains its structural integrity and thermal values up to a maximum recommended service temperature of 350°C. Whilst the resin can smoulder or burn at over 300°C, this is more than double the highest allowable contact temperature with a CA 135 downlight.

Endorsed by ISO 9002 Quality Systems and the NZ Building Code

It’s also good to know that when installing new CA 80 or CA 135 fittings you can safely cut downlight holes in Bradford Gold segments and abut fittings to the insulation. And if you are installing IC rated fittings you can cover the fittings safely with Bradford Gold. Both segment and blanket types have been through rigorous testing to warrant this. Bradford Gold passes Fire Hazard Test AS/NZS 60695.11.5. The extra soft fibres make it gentle to handle and easy to cut and Bradford Gold is assessed as non-hazardous under the NOHSC guidelines in Australia. This is because it is bio-soluble and any fibres accidentally ingested will be cleared from the body in a matter of days. When tested to AS/NZS 1530.3 Bradford Gold segments achieved zero for ignitability, zero for the spread of flame, zero for smoke developed and zero for heat evolved.

With the highest protection rating, Bradford Gold will not ignite, burn or contribute to a fire and will, in fact, hinder the spread of flame. Manufactured under ISO 9002 Quality Systems and complying with AS/NZS 4859.1 – Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings, every Bradford Gold product complies with the NZ Building Code and there is a wide range of Bradford Gold products that have been fully BRANZ appraised.

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