Bradford News

06 Jun 2023
Changes to the New Zealand Building Code have changed insulation - but we've got you covered. ...Read
05 Dec 2017
Last week the new Government passed the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, which will see minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation & drainage in NZ rental homes. ...Read
18 Apr 2017
DesignSmart is a technical services program for insulation which focuses on delivering optimised insulation building solutions to architects, engineers and builders. ...Read
19 Aug 2016
The Executive General Manager of CSR Bradford, Anthony Tannous, officially opened our new warehouse, manufacturing facility and offices in Scoresby. ...Read
28 Jul 2016
Want to insulate against winter but worried about living in a hot box come summer? Bradford proves you don’t need to worry about that old myth. ...Read
05 Jul 2016
In a recent interview, Anthony Tannous, (CSR Bradford EGM) explained how recycled glass is used in our manufacturing process for glasswool insulation. ...Read
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