Experts in roofing choose Bradford and Edmonds products

Aerial view of Havendeen Roofing warehouse and offices

When Havendeen Roofing, a leader in commercial roofing in Queensland, needed to build their new office/warehouse, they naturally turned to their long-time suppliers CSR Bradford for products and technical support.

Moving from a leased building to their own architect-designed premises, the experienced team at Havendeen knew what they needed and turned to Bradford Insulation and Edmonds ventilation to provide tailored solutions for the two units, each featuring a separate office and warehouse. One unit is used by Havendeen as their offices and warehouse for products and equipment, with the other unit leased out to Deluxe Foods, speciality food wholesalers.

Warehouse featuring Thermoplast white decorative foil sarking

Warehouse featuring Thermoplast white decorative foil sarking

Of particular concern was the acoustics between the two units and between the offices and the warehouses, so CSR Bradford helped Trevor J Allen Architects specify products to address this. Thermal performance in the hot Queensland summers was another key concern, and the combination of industry leading insulation and ventilation came to the rescue here.

The warehouse features Thermoplast white decorative foil sarking and 80mm building blanket, with Edmonds H900 Hurricane wind-powered ventilators to give optimal comfort on those hot summer days. The Hurricanes were powder-coated white to match the roof colour.

Matching wind-powered Hurricane ventilators on roof

Matching wind-powered Hurricane ventilators on roof

In the offices, the roof was fitted with Anticon light duty combined with Ashgrid Roof Spacer System to raise the metal roof sheet and create a defined space for the insulation. The external walls of the offices feature R2.5 Gold Wall segments for thermal performance, with R2.0 walls batts in the internal walls to lessen inter-office noise transfer. The floors are also lined with R2.0 floor batts and the ceilings are lined with 100mm building blanket for extra acoustic treatment.

Completed in 2015, the 1500m2 building has had a thorough testing and is performing above expectations. “Our energy bills are down and the acoustics are really good. It’s much better than we thought it was going to be, and our tenant is very happy too. The thermal performance is so good that on a lot of days we don’t even need to run the air-conditioning,” said Havendeen’s Rob McKinnon.

Dealing with the technical and customer service teams at Bradford and Edmonds was another great experience for Havendeen.

“Everything was 10 out of 10. They are the best in the business. We sent them the plans and the technical team advised what insulation to use in the roof and walls for the acoustics. The price was good, customer service was good, and deliveries were on time. It was all great. They are our best supplier by far across the whole company,” reports Rob McKinnon.

23 May 2016
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