The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill is passed by the new Government

Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill

The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill is passed by the new Government.

Last week the new Government passed the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, which will see minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation and drainage in New Zealand rental homes, after its third and final reading in Parliament. A comment from Housing Minister Phil Twyford to the NZ Herald said,"Most landlords do a good job, but the lack of legal standards means some rentals are not fit to live in."

Although the current NZ Building Code sets out the minimum insulation requirements for new builds, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill will see the government–run an 18–month consultation process to determine the minimum standards that the bill set for rental homes. The consultation process will ensure that tenants, landlords, public health and building science experts and industry representatives have an opportunity to get involved in creating the minimum standards.

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05 Dec 2017
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